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Safety Officer

This course will provide an in-depth knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) practices within Pakistan and abroad. Topics covered will include the history of OHS, the role of risk management in OHS practice, the health and economic consequences of occupational injury and disease, national and international bodies with regulatory and advisory roles in OHS and the tools available to OHS professionals for the control and minimization of workplace injury and illness.

Course Benefits
This safety course is aimed at improving workplace safety thereby making workplace more safe and healthy for you and others. After completing this course, you will be more aware and competent in Health & Safety practices as per local and international standards.

Who should attend?
This course is specially designed for those students who want to further their career as safety professionals and/or desire to get acquainted with the international Health & Safety standards.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Health and Safety
  • Basic Safety Orientation
  • Introduction To OSHA
  • International Safety Standards
  • International Safety Management
  • Making Workplace Safe for All
  • Occupational Risk Management
  • Health & Safety Culture
  • PPEs and their role
  • Fall protection
  • Fire Protection
  • Electrical safety
  • OHS Signs & Symbols and their interpretation
  • Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals
  • Machine safety
  • Safety of Confined Spaces Operations
  • Safety for manual handling
  • Welding safety
  • Safety of excavation work
  • Record keeping
  • Hand and power tools
  • Scaffolding
  • Motor vehicles
  • Concrete and Masonry
  • Materials Handling
  • Stairways and Ladders
  • Lead Safety in the Workplace
  • Use of Explosives in the Workplace
  • Cranes and Rigging
  • Practical Syllabus based on Occupational Standards
  • Intro to International Safety Courses and Testing

AutoCAD course is specially designed for those students, who want to become civil engineer and architects. This course requires basic computer knowledge. After Completing this course, you would be able to draw maps of houses, bridges and commercial buildings in 2D and would be able to convert it  into 3D Models.

AutoCAD – Civil  ( 2D & 3D )
Course Contents of AutoCAD Civil  (2D)

  • Setting up Drawing.
  • Draw Toolbar.   
  • Modify Toolbar.
  • Drawing Aids (unit conversion).
  • Dimension Settings.
  • Sketching of 5 marla Plot.
  • Optional Setting and layers
  • Dimension and Snap Setting. 
  • Elevation with layers.
  • Foundation & Stair Section.
  • Building Section.
  • 10 Marla Plot (Submission Drawing).

Course Contents of AutoCAD Civil  (3D)

  • Introduction to AutoCAD (3D).
  • 3D Commands + Short Keys.
  • Room Model with door & windows.
  • Extrusion of complete plan.
  • 3D Orbit & 3D Solids.
  • Solid Editing Toolbar.
  • Building Material & Landscaping.
  • Environmental Background. 
  • Isometric Views & JPG File.
  • Rendering & Printing.

AutoCAD – Electrical

  • Introduction to AutoCAD.
  • Draw Toolbar.
  • Modify Toolbar.
  • Basic Display Commands.
  • Unit Setup & Drawing Aids.
  • Setting up Structure.
  • Placement of Electrical Symbols.
  • Conduiting Plan.
  • Circuit & Breakers with DB.
  • Telephone & CCTV Cameras Plan.
  • Dimensions Setting.
  • Printing Work.

AutoCAD – Mechanical

  • First Angle & third Angle Projection
  • Draw Toolbar.
  • Modify Toolbar.
  • Basic Display Commands.
  • Unit Setup & Drawing Aids.
  • Understanding Sectioning.
  • 3D Solids.
  • Setup Drawing (View Ports).
  • Isometric Drawing Techniques.
  • Assembling.
  • Drawing Mechanical Parts.
  • Printing Work.
Graphic Designing

Who Should Attend?
This course is designed for those who have just basic computer knowledge and they want to become superb in Graphic Designing (Still/Animation) Industry.

Course Benefits
You will have full command over the following tools at the end of the course:

Adobe Photoshop
It is the product of ADOBE, and is basically a painting tool in which we can design/change and make attractive logos, posters, brochures, Index pages of Website and pictures as well.

Corel DRAW
Corel Draw is a composing tool in which we can design/compose titles, brochures, visiting cards  and leaflets as well. If we have command on line tool then we can design/change every thing.

This course is specially designed for URDU, ARABIC, PASHTO, ENGLISH typing and news paper page making.

One Word Layout
It basically creates news paper layout, lead Making, super lead Making, Magazine and Edition Designing.

Course Contents

  • CorelDraw
  • Graphic Techniques
  • Inpage (URDU)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Color Mixing
  • Designing Visiting Cards
  • Designing Invitation/Event cards
  • Designing Brochure, Letter Pad
  • Magazine Designing
  • Newspaper Layouts
Web & Graphics

Who Should Attend?
Any person having basic computer knowledge & little bit knowledge about computer graphics, is eligible for this course.

Course Benefits
You can build a fully operational site, professionally arranged and maintain website having unique graphics & creativity. You will have full command over the following tools at the end of the course.

Adobe Photoshop
It is the product of ADOBE, and is basically a painting tool in which we can design/change and make attractive logos, posters, brochures, index pages of website and pictures as well.

The comprehensive tool to design static web pages where we can publish information about company, product, services etc.

Markup Languages
ML is the base for all website using ML to present all the contents. Rapid development is in progress for ML. Presently XHTML and HTMLS are the most commonly in use ML Forewords.

Course Contents

  • Adobe Photoshop / Picture Gallery
  • Notepad ++
  • (Web Page Designing)
  • HTML – DHTML – XHTML intro
  • Introduction to Java Script
  • Web Designing / Graphic Techniques.
Freelancer Professional Web Master

Converting PSD Files to HTML Format
Course Benefits
Nowadays PSD to HTML services are very popular and are used extensively in the local / international market. This course will help you to convert your designs (i.e., digital images in Adobe Photoshop *.psd, *.ai, etc. formats) into HTML/CSS code?

Course Contents

  • Analyzing layout, Slicing
  • Div. Control, Page structure
  • Logo and ICON, Navigation
  • Animated hover effect
  • Search form, Anchor tag button
  • Explaining columns layouts & many more topics of PSD to HTML…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Course Benefits
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collective phrase for a range of techniques designed to aid websites rank high with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. SEO is the need of all websites and is a continuous process to keep generating traffic to your website and thereby increasing number of visitors on your website.  Search engines serve as amazing tools to locate specific information and help your potential customers to find you -more effectively and efficiently.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to SEO, Keywords analysis
  • Onpage optimization, Offpage optimization
  • Blog commenting, Forum Links
  • Web directories, Press release
  • Article submission, Back Linking & many more topics of SEO…

Course Benefits
WordPress is one of the most popular tool among Content Management System (CMS) and is used to build websites/blogs from scratch. Students having no or little knowledge of programming can also make an impressive website using ‘WordPress’. WP tools are extremely user friendly and are popular in the industry. NICON will train you to create your amazing website with WP tools simply in few hours. Our support to your learning does not end after the course; we will assist you further in career development.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Pages, Menus, Themes, Plugins
  • Widgets, Comments, Users, Media & many more topics of WordPress…

Course Benefits
Freelancers take up freelancing for many reasons:

  • There is no Time or Space constraints thereby providing you highly flexible working environment i.e working from anywhere and at any time (highly flexible working hours).
  • Freelancing gains you t at extra income which a regular job does not.
  • Whole World becomes your target market through internet and you deal internationally.

Course Contents

  • Introduction to Freelancing, What is Outsourcing?
  • Intro to different Freelancing platforms
  • Comparing / Bidding
  • Completing profile
  • Adding Bank account
  • How to attempt tests?
  • How to get business?
  • What is interview with client?
  • How to withdraw money? & many more topics of Freelancing…

Who Should Attend?
The Freelance Camp is designed for Freelancers, Consultants, and Solopreneurs (whether you do business online or offline): Teachers, Programmers, Software Developers, Game Developers, Web Developers & Software Integrators.


The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) credential validates that an individual has the comprehensive set of skills necessary to perform a particular job role, such as database administrator or enterprise Managing Administrator. MCITP certifications build on the technical proficiency measured in the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certifications.

MCITP Candidate Profile
MCITP candidates are capable of deploying, building, designing, optimizing, and operating technologies for a particular job role. They make the design and technology decisions necessary to ensure successful technology implementation projects.

Why Get Certified?
Earning a Microsoft Certification validates your proven experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions. Microsoft Certifications help you utilize evolving technologies, fine-tune your troubleshooting skills, and improve your job satisfaction. In addition, certification provides you with access to exclusive Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) resources and benefits, including opportunities to connect with a vast, global network of MCPs.

Course Contents

  • Exam 70-640
  • Exam 70-642
  • Exam 70-643
  • Exam 70-620
  • Exam 70-647

Progression to MCSE 2012
Progression to MCSE 2012After completing MCITP, students have the option to pass below mentioned papers and become MCSE 2012 certified.

  • Exam 70-417 is an upgrade exam. After passing this exam you will become Microsoft certified solution associate.
  • There is two options to become Microsoft certified solution expert.

Option 1
you have to pass two exams 415 and 416.
Option 2
you have to pass two exams 413 and 414.

MCSE 2012
NICON is excited to announce two new Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certifications based on Windows Server 2012.  These certifications, and the training associated with them, provide IT professionals with new opportunities to grow and validate skills for modern IT and datacenter environments.  The MCSE can be the differentiation in hiring decisions and career momentum.

MCSE Desktop Infrastructure
It allows IT professionals to be the hero in their organization by enabling a flexible work style providing access from anywhere, on any device, while maintaining security and compliance. This certification validates skills in desktop virtualization, remote desktop services, and application virtualization.

MCSE Server Infrastructure
Certification focuses on how to design, build, manage and run a highly efficient data center. With the know-how of essential services ranging from identity management, systems management, virtualization, storage, and networking this certification empowers you to go beyond virtualization and deliver the essential services for a highly efficient and modern datacenter.

Course Contents

  • Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 410
  • Administering Windows Server 2012 411
  • Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services 412

After successfully completing steps 1-3, you’ll earn a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2012 certification.

  • Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure 413
  • Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure 414

After successfully completing steps 1-5, you’ll earn a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Windows Server 2012 certification.

CCNA (Complete Track)
This course is designed to help users prepare for the Cisco Certified Network Associate examination. It covers the OSI Reference Model and uses it to explain internet working and its applications. It also explains networks and data transfers, LANs and WANs, Bridges, Switches and Routers. Introduction to IOS and IOS configuration is provided, and various networking topics are examined, including TCP/IP, IP addressing and routing, IPX networking, and security.

Course Contents (Exam 200 – 120)

  • CCNA provides instruction and training for  proper care maintenance, and use of networking software, tools and equipment.
  • OSI Reference Modal
  • TCP / IP Model, Subnetting
  • Operating and Configuring Cisco
  • Devices CDP, TFTP, Telnet
  • Configuring Cisco 29 at Switches, STP, Ether Channel
  • Static & Default Routing
  • Dynamic Routing, RIPv2, EiGRP, OSPF
  • Access control list (Standard, Extended)
  • Introduction to WAN protocol (frame relay, PPP, HTLC)
  • Network Address Translation & CDP

CCNA (Fast Track)
Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless (CCNA Wireless) validates associate level knowledge and skills to configure, implement and support a wireless LANs, specifically those networks using Cisco equipment. With a CCNA Wireless certification, network professionals can support a basic wireless network on a Cisco WLAN in a SMB to enterprise network. The CCNA Wireless curriculum includes information and practice activities to prepare them for configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting basic tasks of a Cisco WLAN & Enterprise Networks.

Course Contents

  • 640-721 IUWNE
  • Describe WLAN fundamentals
  • Install a basic Cisco wireless LAN
  • Install Wireless Clients
  • Implement basic WLAN Security
  • Operate basic WCS
  • Conduct basic WLAN Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • VoWLAN Application.

Airline & Tourism is considered to be the biggest and most flourishing Industry in the world generating maximum revenue. Since it is the biggest industry, it also offers more job opportunities and wider scope and prospects. We invite you to be a part of the international team of dynamic Travel Agents and Tour operators.

Course Benefits
Extensive Course
A Key to Success
For both Ladies and Gentlemen
Jobs through out the world
Interaction with International communities
Excellent communication skills

Who Should Attend?
Anyone seeking a career in the Air Line Ticketing Industry at National and International Level should attend this course. After successful completion of course you will: Learn a range of telemarketing, Air Ticketing, customer services and management skills.

Course Benefits

  • WORLDSPAN computer reservation system training
  • IATA domestic and international airport codes
  • IATA its aim functions and departments
  • Airlines & IATA codes, Airline terminology
  • Definitions, Abbreviations
  • Reading airline tickets, Traffic conference area
  • Routing and types of routing
  • Salesmanship and sales techniques
  • Hotel information, including booking on WORLDSPAN
  • Car rental information, including booking on WORLDSPAN
  • International sounds identifications, Basic steps to open a travel agency
  • Travel agent its types and benefits, How to book ticket
  • NTN number, Travel agent internship

Job Opportunities
Candidates successfully passing this course have a good chance of getting jobs in international airlines e.g. British Airways, Gulf, Emirates & PIA etc.