Entry Requirement Criteria

Entry Requirements

NICON is proudly offering Engineering Qualifications of City & Guilds (UK) from Level 2 to Level 7 (A Pathway to become a British Qualified Chartered Engineer) recognized by Engineering Council-UK and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) as listed at S. No 111 of the Second Schedule: (updated SRO: 1050(1)/2010 Dated: 22nd November 2010) of Pakistan Engineering Council
website. URL: pec.org.pk/schedule_second.aspx

Acceptance of other local qualifications would be subject to City & Guilds checks and approval. City & Guilds branch / local office in Pakistan will/should be contacted for more details/ up-dated information about the eligible qualifications. For updated entry requirements, please contact the relevant awarding body.

Entry Requirements for various levels of City & Guilds qualifications are as under: