HND Business

Career Opportunities

Edexcel’s BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diplomas in Business offers the opportunity to specialise within the scope of the specialist units available. BTEC Higher Nationals in Business equips you for careers in business, Accounting & Finance, Management, enterpreneurship & Small Business Envir, HRM and Marketing as well as the opportunity to ‘top up’ to the BA (Honours) Degree Program in the leading universities of UK, USA & Australia.

Course structure

HND is offered as a full time course of 2 Years duration comprising of Four Semesters. Regular classes will be offered four days per week having 3 hours lecturing each day. Students may opt for Morning / Evening Session **.

Mandatory Core Units (all 10 units must be taken)

  • U1 Business and the Business Environment
  • U2 Marketing Essentials
  • U3 Human Resources Management
  • U4 Management and Operations
  • U5 Management Accounting
  • U6 Managing a Successful Business Project
  • U7 Business Law
  • U9 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • U11 Research Project
  • U12 Organisational Behaviour


Students may choose any one of the following seven specialization areas.

General Pathway

  • U31 Statistics for Management
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U36 Human Resources – Value and Contribution to Organizational Success
  • U38 Customer Value Management
  • U42 Planning for Growth

Accounting & Finance

  • U13 Financial Reporting
  • U14 Advance Management Accounting
  • U15 Financial Management
  • U30 Taxation
  • U32 Business Strategy


  • U16 Operations and Project Management
  • U17 Understanding and Leading Change
  • U18 Global Business Environment
  • U31 Statistics for Management
  • U32 Business Strategy

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Envir.

  • U27 Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • U28 Launching a new Venture
  • U29 Managing and Running a Small Business
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U38 Customer Value Management

Human Resource Management

  • U19 Resource and Talent Planning
  • U20 Employee Relations
  • U21 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U36 Human Resources – Value & Contribution to Organizational Success

Business Marketing

  • U22 Product and Service Development
  • U23 Integrated Marketing Communication
  • U24 Digital Marketing
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U40 International Marketing

Business Operations Management

  • U25 Principles of Operations Management
  • U26 Supply Chain Management
  • U32 Business Strategy
  • U35 Developing Individuals, Teams & Org.