MCSE 2012


advanced Excel classes for business professionals show you advanced Excel skills that apply to creating smart adaptive Excel business tools. Our advanced Excel classes focuses on creating Excel analysis and data processing tools using advanced formulas, array formulas, logic, ActiveX controls, conditional formatting, data validation, pivot tables, pivot charts, Excel tables, relationships, and MS Query. Our advanced Excel classes also discuss the advanced aspects of these elements and how to assemble them in sophisticated ways. Our class also stresses how to create the advanced logic that allows these tools to operate autonomously and adapt to changing data. It also provides an introduction to macros (VBA). Excel for Mac users welcome.

Course Contents

  • Getting to Know Excel
  • Essential Formula Knowledge
  • Intermediate Formula Knowledge
  • Optimizing Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Presenting and Reporting
  • Validating and Updating
  • Preparing to Deploy