Post Graduate Diploma in Civil Engineering (Level 7)


The City & Guilds level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in engineering is set at the standard of the final year of a British MEng degree course. The Level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering consists of approximately 1500 notional hours (total learning hours, including the Guided Learning Hours and self study / research).

Qualification Structure

To achieve this qualification, learners must successfully complete:

  • Two “General Compulsory” Plus
    • Three “Field Compulsory”
  • Any Three “Optional” units (to be selected out of 7 units).

To receive this award the candidate must complete Project 2 (unit 229).

Theory & Practical Units

Summary of Units

General Compulsory = 02 Units (Including a Project Unit: 229)
Field Compulsory = 03 Units
Optional = 03 Units
TOTAL = (07 Theory Units + Project + 01 Practical-if opted for Unit 111)

Assessment Types

  • Dated Entry / Written Exam.
  • Project work to be carried out throughout the course.
  • Practical Assignments / Assessments.

Entry Requirements for Level 7

  • City & Guilds Graduate Diploma (Level 6) completed in the relevant technology.
  • B.E/B.S (Engineering), B.S Technology completed after 4 years of Intermediate.
  • B-Tech (Hons) in the relevant technology from HEC recognized Universities.
  • Holders of other/ equivalent qualifications may be accepted.