Quality Assurance (AQ) Role

Below is a brief over view of the responsibilities of the three key roles in the quality assurance of the assessment of practical skills.

1. Assessor

a. Plan the assessment
b. Discuss process with learner
c. Conduct the assessment
d. Observe learner performance
e. Record learner performance against assessment criteria
f. Feedback outcome

2. Internal Verifier

a. Discuss assessment strategy with assessor team
b. Maintain assessment sampling plan which covers all assessors
c. Observe assessment taking place
d. Feedback on performance to assessor
e. Guide where necessary
f. Ensure standard approach across assessor team
f. Feedback outcome

3. External Verifier

a. Plan external verification visit with relevant centre staff
b. Carry out visit, covering
i) Observation of candidate assessment
ii) Check of records
iii) Staff & learner interviews
iv) Feedback and support
v) Action plan
c. Complete visit report
d. Make recommendation
e. Return report to local City & Guilds office

Quality Assurance for the Assessment of Practical Skills

Approved centres are responsible for assessment and internal verification / quality assurance whilst City & Guilds is responsible for external quality assurance.
The assessment criteria provided in the qualification handbook must be rigorously followed, recorded and tracked through the centre’s quality assurance procedures. A typical example would be the assessment of a learner out a practical task.

Assessment Methods

  • One Written question paper for each unit
  • A Practical Project

Assessment Types

  • Dated Entry / Written Exam.
  • Project work is carried out throughout the course.
  • Assessment types for each level are mentioned on their respective pages.